2017 HHCA OFFICERS                                                        
: Bob Meldahl (Term Ends 2020) president@hhcaohio.com                          
Vice President: Dwight McBride (Term Ends 2019)                           
Secretary:Liz McBride (Term Ends 2019)                           
Treasurer: Mindy Nelson (Term Ends 2020)                               
Connie Rutter (Term Ends 2020)                             
Anne Rau (Term Ends 2020) 
Jose Cabral (Term Ends 2019)                             
Carol Floyd (Term Ends 2019)                            

The HHCA geographical area is framed by Ohio 16 on the south, Channel Street on the North, Mount Vernon Road on the West and Clinton Street on the East. Streets within the HHCA area include Channel St., Charles St., Cottage St., Elizabeth St., Elmwood St., Evans St., Hudson Ave., Kibler St., Mt. Vernon Ave., North St., Oak Street, Shields St., Stevens St. and Wyoming St.

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